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Iran 5S Service

Our service is worthy of exciting environments of companies and workplaces seeking to grow a business as well as advanced organizations seeking excellence.

We help you create an orderly, clean, quality, safe, efficient and effective work environment with a spirit of teamwork, creative, vibrant and green.

Life + work + leisure = T5

What is a 5S

5S is a thought-and-action system designed to improve productivity, improve quality, and prevent waste of resources. This system is an organized effort to make gradual and continuous reforming that increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


5S is derived from the first five letters of the Japanese words below

Sei-ri = Sorting Out پاكسازی
Sei-ton = Systematic Arrangement (Stablize) نظم و ترتیب
Sei-so = Spic and Span (Shine) پاکیزگی
Sei-ke-tsu = Standardizing استانداردسازی
Shi-tsu-ke = Self–Discipline (Sustaine) سامان دهی

Why 5s?

Humans are inherently friendly to a clean and well-kept environment. This environment in addition to mental relaxation can also increase one's mental and physical abilities. Therefore, just as we do personal hygiene at home, we also need to exclude ourselves from the workplace and be serious about cleaning our equipment and the workplace as part of our daily activities.


Purification means separating essentials from the unnecessary and arranging the work environment. The first step in achieving this goal is to classify objects and activities according to their importance. Then, according to the priorities identified, unnecessary items are sequentially identified and removed from the work environment.


  • Set criteria for eliminating unnecessary ones
  • Applying priority management and setting priorities
  • Eliminate the causes of contamination
  • Optimal use of the work environment
  • Optimal use of equipment
  • Identifying the causes of disadvantages

Order and Arrangement

Vocabulary: Creating order so that everything we need is available at the time we need it. Concept in the industry: a way to reduce search Order means putting objects in the right places. Ease of access and non-waste of time should be


  • Workplace order
  • Proper installation and installation (in terms of quality, safety, and efficiency)
  • Improve productivity by eliminating wasted time searching for objects
  • Speed ​​of access to objects and documents
  • Reduce wastage caused by disorder and disruption
  • Prevent waste and spoilage of perishable materials
  • Reduce errors and redundancies


Removing any contamination from the workplace by limiting sources of pollution (removing sources of pollution).

It means cleaning the work area thoroughly so that there is no messy place.

The goals of cleaning and cleaning are to clean the workplace; from an operational point of view it is the disposal of waste, the cleaning of objects, and the removal of contaminants and foreign materials. To fully implement this principle, sources of impurity must first be found and the source of contamination eliminated to prevent any contamination. This will reduce errors in product quality control.

Maintenance of machinery and equipment (PM), which is currently implemented in all industrial companies, is one of the integral parts and purposes of this system and this principle, and is in fact a subset of the 5S cleanliness principle. In this technique, machines, equipment, and equipment are periodically inspected and defects such as oil painting, drilling, pollution, etc. are eliminated.


  • Achieve an optimal level of cleanliness and completely remove contaminants
  • Identify minor problems through review
  • Understanding cleanliness as a review
  • Reduce work-related fatigue and mental distress
  • Reduce machinery failure
  • Stabilization and quality improvement
  • Prevent staff sickness


Standardization is about keeping the environment and people organized, organized, and clean Maintaining a favorable status and preventing disruption to the environment is another consequence of this process. This requires careful planning and proper monitoring. Continuity, standardization, and maintenance of optimum status result from the implementation of separation, arrangement, cleanliness, and safety compliance.



  • Avoid tastes and overwork
  • Creative visual management to identify inhomogeneities and anomalies
  • Securing the workplace and reducing work accidents and illnesses
  • Repeat the right things, to get things right
  • Reduce time to get things done
  • Reduce dependency on individuals and the ability to create workflows in the organization
  • Increasing the attractiveness of the workplace


It is about maintaining an improved status by training, promoting and culturing all employees in the organization to ensure that the workplace is fully clean and disciplined.


  • Full participation in creating proper habits and compliance
  • The habit of communicating properly and controlling its results
  • Providing the right platform for establishing a self-disciplinary culture
  • The institutionalization of a productivity culture
  • Respect the staff of the organization
  • Get customers' attention
  • Increase organizational affiliation

Iran5S Services, the largest provider of Systematic Arrangement in Iran.

The first specialized site romoting productivity in Iran.
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Comprehensive approach to FS

Commentary: The Comprehensive Approach to the 5S is the first and only Glacepaper-based illustrated book published by Sargel Publishing.

The contents of this book are comprehensive, useful and highly applicable.

Comprehensive approach to 5S
Iran5S Services, the largest provider of Systematic Arrangement in Iran
Comprehensive approach to 5S
Iran5S Services, the largest provider of Systematic Arrangement in Iran
Comprehensive approach to 5S
Iran5S Services, the largest provider of Systematic Arrangement in Iran

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Iran5S Services, the largest provider of Systematic Arrangement in Iran.

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