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IRAN 5S Service

Administrator of the Biggest Projects of Organizing System in Iran

5S is a thinking and operational system which its goal is to improve productivity and

Sorting out means to segregate necessary and unnecessary items from each other and order workplace.

Shine means removing any contamination from the workplace through limiting dirt sources (eliminating contamination sources).

* Literal meaning: To place items in good order in such a way that every necessary item be at hand when we need it.

Standardizing involves keeping workplace environment and personnel organized, orderly and clean.

Self-Discipline means to train all the personnel to observe tidiness and discipline in workplace.



Holding workshops and training courses related to Total Productivity in Iran and the Europe= Administrator of the Biggest Projects of Organizing System in Iran.


 Designing training posters in the field of 5S in accordance with the type of activity of your company, Designing and printing Red & Yellow Tag Cards.


 Auditing companies which established 5S System through obtaining certificates.